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My Current Essence Toner Favorites

Hello Green Beauties, I have a feeling that a lot of you out there share a passion for skincare with me, so the trend of Korean Essences couldn’t help but stir up a lot of interest. Beyond the hype of the media, I must admit that this product has proved to be a real panacea… Continue reading My Current Essence Toner Favorites

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Amazon Green Beauty Haul

Hey there Green Beauties! I hope you are all safe and keeping well in those challenging times. During quarantine, since going out for beauty and skincare shipping is not advisable, I’ve  mostly relayed on the beauty department of Amazon, which, I have to say, it’s full of gems and interesting surprises. In particularly, I’m quite… Continue reading Amazon Green Beauty Haul

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Madara Skin Equal Soft Glow Foundation Review

Hello Green Beauties, Hei there, I finally indulged in one of the most hyped natural/organic foundation new on the market: the Madara’s Skin Equal Soft Glow Foundation. I was very curious about this foundation because I know that Madara have such a good reputation in the organic skincare realm, When I heard the first reviews… Continue reading Madara Skin Equal Soft Glow Foundation Review

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3 Natural Ways to Detox your Scalp

Hello my Green Beauties I’m back to share with you my routine for a deep scalp cleanse. I have curly hair and my regular curl maintenance foresees lots and lots of gels/styling products in order to maintain my curls defined for 3 to 5 days. Even if I follow a natural hair care routine and… Continue reading 3 Natural Ways to Detox your Scalp

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My Top Winter Face Creams

Hey there Green Beauties, Love to find you again on my blog. In this post, I would like to talk you through my favourites winter face creams. As you know, I have very dry skin that I’ve learned to sooth in the past 8 years with natural/organic products. In my militancy in the natural skincare… Continue reading My Top Winter Face Creams

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The Skin Care Tools: the new frontier of Anti-Ageing

Hei There Green Beauties, Back on the blog with a new post about one fo my favourite topics: skincare! Not so long ago daily skincare used to be simple and basic, almost rudimentary – yes, did you remember the time when face wipes, water rinse and moisturizer was allowed to be called “accomplished routine”?! -.… Continue reading The Skin Care Tools: the new frontier of Anti-Ageing

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Summer vibe DIY Face Scrub

Hey there Green Beauties, Summer is here, and the warm summery weather has inspired me for a brand new DIY concoction.  A DIY bright yellow face scrub is my latest creation. When the weather is warm I find myself reaching for a physical exfoliatior more than usual because at the end of the day I’m such… Continue reading Summer vibe DIY Face Scrub

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DIY Protein Pre-poo treatment for healthy shiny hair

Hey there Green People, I want to share with you my ultimate favourite pre-poo hair treatment. When I want my hair to be extra shiny and voluminous I opt for a protein hair mask Why opt for a protein-infused treatment? Hair is made of a type of protein named keratin. So, in case your mane… Continue reading DIY Protein Pre-poo treatment for healthy shiny hair

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My Winter Skin Saviour

Hello, my Green Beauties, Spring is almost here now, and since temperature is getting warm it is time for a Winter skincare report! As you know, I have dry skin and every winter I have to figure out the best solution to save my skin from becoming dry as a desert. Normally I’m able to cope… Continue reading My Winter Skin Saviour