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The Best Drugstore (Natural) Curl Cream

Hello Green Beauties, I’m glad to be back with a new post dedicated to Hair Care and, this time, I’m addressing to curly girls that are following the Curly Girls Method, keeping on eye to avoiding silicones and nasty chemicals. Due to the summer heat wave, two months go I gave up blow drying my hair and styling them… Continue reading The Best Drugstore (Natural) Curl Cream

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The cure for stressed/reactive skin

Hei there Green Beauties Welcome back on my blog for a new post. I want to talk about a new discovery that has changed my life skin these days! My skin lately has been severely tried by my not particularly healthy lifestyle (yes I know, long hours at work, stress, lack of sleep and all… Continue reading The cure for stressed/reactive skin

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3 Steps for the Perfect Natural Brows

Hello Green Beauties Back on the blog to ramble about a new topic…eyebrows Raise your hand if you like big full eyebrows…I definitely love having full well-defined brows to complete my makeup. Since the Cara Delavigne brow bandwagon trend has become a thing I’ve built up a real brow routine. Disclaimer: apart from sporadic plucks… Continue reading 3 Steps for the Perfect Natural Brows

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Current Face Oil Routine

Hey there Green Beauties! Back on the blog to talk about one of my favourites topics: face oils I Love love love to use oil in my daily skincare (morning and night). I’m a face oil junkie since 2011 and I can honestly say that adding some drops of natural vegetable oils (most of all organic)… Continue reading Current Face Oil Routine

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Face Balms, a.k.a. the dry patches heroes

Hello my Green Darlings Sorry for the long absence, my job outside the blogosphere has taken up all my time. But here I am for a quick review of my beloved products that have helped me to make trough the cold weather. I love face balms and I generally like to make my own DIY balm concoctions… Continue reading Face Balms, a.k.a. the dry patches heroes

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Why you should Double Cleanse

Hello Green Beauties! Today I want to share with you the most important step of my daily skincare routine: Double Cleanse! I know that the Double Cleansing method has been brought on centre stage a while ago, however, I think It might be useful to brush up its importance and benefits. In case you were… Continue reading Why you should Double Cleanse


Holy Grail (Organic) Foundation

  Hello Green Beauties! Back on the blog to share with you one of the most striking discoveries of the lasts months of 2017…lo and behold it’s about foundation! Yes, I think I’ve found a foundation that fulfils all my needs in terms of makeup base, plus it’s organic and cheap. In the recent years, I’ve… Continue reading Holy Grail (Organic) Foundation